Business Platforms

Apartment Acquisition and Preservation Platform

The rental housing inventory in the United States is not sufficient in number or quality to meet the growing demands of the American Middle class. Of the approximately 40 million units in the national rental housing stock, 32 million units are over 20 years old.

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Sustainable Community Development

The community development business has been virtually dormant since the recession in 2009. Waterfall is starting its community development platform in State College, PA with the construction of 100 Class A multifamily units.

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Asset, Construction, Project and Property Management Services

The services we provide make things happen for Waterfall and our Joint Venture partners. Our team has multiple generations of experience in all aspects of the business including due diligence, local government relations, land planning and engineering

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Waterfall Principal’s have over 100 years of creating partnership that work

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Our Core Values and what that means to our Stakeholders

Quality Of Life

It’s carefree living in a welcoming, well-manicured neighbor-hood with happy, healthy residents that people choose when they live in a community owned by Waterfall. We pay attention to the smallest details and make each resident feel secure that they have a team of caring well trained professionals ready to solve a simple problem as simple as a leaky faucet or as heavy as digging out from a major blizzard.

Supportive Services

The American Family is not the two parent two child family of Leave it to Beaver and Dorothy has left Kansas. In the real word life has challenges. Waterfall provides Support to our residents. We work with the local supportive services providers to coordinate existing programs for our residents. If your job is shipped overseas, our caring staff can introduce you to a job training program. We will organize the options our residents need and make sure the operators of the program are being effective.

This creates a culture within our neighborhoods that creates the quality of life that makes our business goals a reality.

Housing Of The Future

We are looking into the housing industry of the future.
We see a national increase in the renters vs home owners as the American Dream of Home Ownership is less important to millennials than in prior years. We can envision a society less dependent on a car. In the future we don’t own cars we double click to Google and order the car we need for our road trip.

We are developing an Urban Housing platform. We see a move back to the our nations urban areas as well as aging and declining housing stock in the suburbs and rural areas.

This is exactly where we are focused.


We are dedicated to the Waterfall Core Values. Our principals have over 100 years combined experience.  This is a team and as a team, we will rise to every challenge and always open our minds to new ways of delivering on our commitments. It is our obligation efficiently direct our resources and lead our peers to help solve our nation’s housing needs. We will serve this purpose, and provide above market returns on investment.



We invite you to become a part of the Waterfall Family